I was born as a cook in 1995 with the creation of my first restaurant in Valbrevenna, “Il Caminetto”. After twenty years of catering, which has led it to be a well-known reality in the Genoese and beyond, in 2015 I returned to my roots, those of my family, in the house where my grandfather was born. In fact, this is where the Genoese name comes from "E Reixe", which in Italian means "The roots".

It had always been my dream to return to that place but also to be able to sow, cultivate and harvest most of the raw materials that are used in my kitchen.

Since 2016, all this has been possible with the beginning of the renovation works and the birth of the "E Reixe" farm with the homonymous restaurant, vegetable gardens and the last born B&B "The old house" with its delightful rooms, full of valuable details.

E Reixe, in addition to everything related to the nourishment of the body, also wants to offer intellectual nourishment, through musical evenings or events such as vernissages, exhibitions, readings or workshops and because of this we are open to original proposals. You can find any news about it in the events section.


Claudia e Filippo di “Eat in Goa” sono venuti a trovarci e ci hanno scritto una bellissima e attenta recensione… dal locale, al menù che hanno provato a come arrivare da noi, ecco la loro esperienza!


The company is located in Torrazza di Sant’Olcese, in a strategic position, halfway between Val Bisagno and Val Polcevera, starting point for numerous walks and excursions such as the one leading to Forte Diamante, one of the best known forts in Genoa and from which you can admire the city and its sea from above.

An original and unique way to come and visit us is to use the Trenino di Casella (Genova–Casella railway), historical railway that starts from the city center and through a suggestive and panoramic route, arrives in Casella, passing precisely also from Torrazza.